White Oak is a deeply grained wood with a rougher surface texture and a high contrast between the surface and the deepest part of the grain. They feature a lower sheen finish than our standard Maple finishes, that allow the character of the raw wood to speak for itself.

Swan (W0-26-LS)

Dove (W0-28-LS)

Flaxen (WO-90-LS)

Sand (WO-01-LS)

Raw (WO-02-LS)

Fog (W0-04-LS)

Driftwood (WO-06-LS)

Tea (WO-05-LS)

Bourbon (W0-08-LS)

Carbon (WO-10-LS)

Cider (W0-12-LS)

Cocoa (W0-13-LS)

Truffle (W0-07-LS)

Poppy (W0-14-LS)