NeoCon 2022
Fresh ideas for the
built environment.
Creating Engaging
Spaces for Connection
or Relaxed Downtime

Leather Explained—
Insights for Selecting
the Right Leather

Inviting Curves that
Evoke an Informal

Captivating Comfort
and Infinite Modularity

Sculptural Silhouettes
Accentuated by the
Warmth of Wood

Beautiful Objects That Work Effortlessly Together—Anywhere.

Featuring furniture designs that underscore our commitment to timeless simplicity, honest materials, and refined details, we’re here to make a beautiful and lasting impression.

New Product

Heritage woodcraft meets contemporary forms

Bring warmth and visual comfort to spaces using the beauty of natural materials. New wood bases are now available for our Slide Collection—a diverse set of tables and seating designed for flexibility and relaxed interactions.

New Product

An award-winning approach to modular seating

Our Isla modular seating offers inviting comfort and infinite modularity for informal settings and fluid spaces. Interchangeable sections allow for easy expansion or reconfiguration to respond to evolving needs.

Uncompromising Craftsmanship

Timeless designs should be built to last. Our expertise in woodworking, metalworking, and upholstery allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality and makes customization of any size order easy.

Expressive & Honest Materials

Ensure design continuity throughout a space using our unsurpassed selection of honest materials that can be applied universally across our entire portfolio.