This category includes natural and engineered stone by LG Hausys and Wilsonart. Natural stone, of course, has the beauty and variation inherent in geologic formation. Engineered stone combines aesthetics with durability; it’s typically made from quartz aggregates, polymer resins, and pigments. The result is more consistent and actually harder than natural stone.

Both natural and engineered stone can be polished for a reflective finish or honed for a matte, satin-smooth look and feel. A polished finish highlights the character of natural stone, but makes scratches more apparent. Scratches are less obvious on a matte, honed surface, but the stone is somewhat more susceptible to staining.

LG Hausys Minuet Viatera

Wilsonart Q4032 Haldi Quartz

Wilsonart Q4005 Adena Quartz

Wilsonart Q4006 Xcaret Quartz