Painted glass makes it possible to incorporate whites, pastels, and soft earth tones in your designs. The paint is applied to the underside of Starphire Glass, so the color shines through the glass’s top. In this application, for tables that typically use ¾” thick glass, the glass will instead be ½” thick Starphire tempered glass.

White Satin Glass is acid-etched on top to a distinctive, uniformly smooth and satiny finish, offering an ethereal transparency that looks like sand-blasted glass. Because the glass is etched on one side, the “frosted” surface is impervious to fingerprints or other oils.

W. Satin (AEGLPNT-01)

Ice (GLSPNT-03)

Sari (GLSPNT-06)

Chili (GLSPNT-07)

Kiwi (GLSPNT-08)

Ocean (GLSPNT-09)

Annubis (GLSPNT-01)

Onyx (GLSPNT-12)