Mulholland Guest

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Test drive the Mulholland guest chair and experience exhilaration akin to a fast trip along LA’s winding Mulholland Drive. As that drive challenges so does the Mulholland chair. A study in contrasts among varied elements, the guest chair embodies the modern architectural idea of simple forms supported by an expressed structural frame. Each of the chair’s elements is clearly articulated, and each is realized in elegant materials.

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Mulholland Lounge

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Mulholland is a study in contrasts, much as the varying scenes one encounters on the twisting Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles. The thick and thin, straight and curved, hard and soft elements are clearly articulated yet harmonize in an engaging way that delights both the eye and the body. The overall scale of the design offers generous proportions and elegant materials add intrigue, nonetheless the look is spare and the detailing minimal.


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Mulholland Stool Archive

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Mulholland barstools unite varied elements that complement one another even as they provide interesting contrasts. Metal, wood, and upholstery each make its distinctive contribution to barstools that embody the modern architectural idea of simple forms and a structural frame that is both functional and visible. To enhance their versatility, Mulholland barstools are offered in arm and armless versions, with open or closed back.

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