Enduring design solutions require timeless products, which is where ours come in. Nothing is more timeless and classic than stainless steel and with that, Cumberland furniture achieves a harmony of expression through an expanded offering that includes two premium metal finish options in Polished Brass and Statuary Bronze to be incorporated into any design.

Our Polished Brass powdercoat is applied to polished stainless steel and is designed to mimic the classic look of brass. The surface is free of grit lines and makes a striking statement.

Our Statuary Bronze powdercoat is applied to satin steel and is designed to re-create the timeless look of bronze that is often used on outdoor statues. Its deep rich hues offer a warm inviting look.

The result expresses harmony for the eye that is sophisticated and enduring.

Statuary Bronze Premium (STB)

Polished Brass Premium (PBR)