Grade A stones include elegant, natural marbles as well as beautiful, long-lasting engineered stone. As natural materials, each will vary in color and veining, underlining their authenticity and character. Any geologic flaws or voids in marble are repaired according to the Marble Institute of America. Engineered stone is typically made from quartz aggregates, polymer resins, and pigments. The result is more consistent and actually harder than natural stone.

Natural stone offers extreme durability, and we seal surfaces with Tenax Proseal Ultra-Premium Grade Stone Impregnator Sealer. This is designed to seal the pores of the stone and prevent staining. No sealer can prevent acidic substances from marking stone, but natural stone can be professionally re-polished to restore its appearance.

Both natural and engineered stone can be polished for a reflective finish or honed for a matte, satin-smooth look and feel. A polished finish highlights the character of natural stone, but makes scratches more apparent. Scratches are less obvious on a matte, honed surface, but the stone is somewhat more susceptible to staining.

Silestone Miami White

LG Hausys Minuet Viatera

White Carrara Marble

Absolute Black Granite