Effortless Elegance, Seamless Simplicity

The inspiration for this collection was the solitaire diamond, a “timeless, simple, and elegant accent for the sophisticated woman,” says designer Ini Archibong. It’s “beautiful enough in its brilliance to stand alone, but never ostentatious enough to overpower the beauty of its wearer, who is the main attraction.”

The simplicity of the diamond is reflected in the spare lines of the collection. The jewel-setting details of the base, from the faceted cross pieces to the method of attachment to tops, show that “elegance need not be sacrificed for structural function.” Elegant, slim table tops, stool seats, and ottoman cushions carry the simplicity of the base. On lounge seating, deep upholstery conveys the message of comfort.

The full range of the Solitaire Collection can furnish an entire sophisticated environment. Individual pieces–like the side tables–can be jewel-like accents in an environment; their understated character mans they mix well with a variety of other furniture styles.

“The beauty is in the details,” Archibong says, and because the details are subtle and refined, collection pieces will stand the test of time.


Born and raised in Pasadena, California, Ini Archibong discovered his passion for the arts at Polytechnic, a highly academic college preparatory school which emphasizes multidisciplinary education. Continuing his studies at University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, he realized he could not ignore his creative passion and opted to focus on fine art and architectural design. Archibong received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Design from Art Center in 2012 and continues to pursue his interest in the intersections of engineering, fine art, and architecture.

Ini Archibong