The Right Angle on Comfort

The products in the Miami Collection reflect the Southern roots of designer Yohandel Ruiz. “I was inspired,” he says, “by the movement in architecture called Miami Modern in the 1940s and 50s. Inspiration for the lines, shapes, forms, came from architecture that’s in my backyard.”

While the pieces of the Miami Collection were each designed fully to stand alone or complement other furniture lines, they are also designed to work collectively. “The shapes are simplistic,” Ruiz says,” circular or rectangular. There’s a harmony there, as well as in proportion, the materials, how some certain pieces were encased with wood. Without being similar, they speak to one another; they have the same sensibilities.”

The tables, benches, and lounge seating can live in many environments, from hospitality to corporate headquarters. “It’s very clear what the materials are,” Ruiz says, “and whenever a designer is able to manipulate them. We start with sleek and clean finishes, polished stainless steel, and light colors.” And from there, the possibilities are endless.


An Associate at RTKL, the international architecture firm, Yohandel Ruiz has emerged as a dynamic design voice who draws his inspiration from the city in which he has lived for more than 25 years. A connoisseur of Miami’s sleek and sexy lines, not to mention its eclectic mix of cultures and styles, Yohandel has developed a reputation for his ability to bring harmony to disparate elements and unity to contrasting materials. He is a fresh, young talent with the promise of great things.

Yohandel Ruiz