The Legacy Lives On

Over 60 years after our founding, Cumberland Furniture continues to produce high-quality, sophisticated tables, desks, benches, and seating. We’re proud to uphold the values established in 1956: beauty and practicality, simplicity and quality, honesty of materials and attention to detail. Our products are designed and crafted for longevity, with enduring character that is at home in both contemporary and traditional environments.

Our Design Roots

Cumberland Furniture was established in 1956 in New York City, a time and a place buzzing with creativity and transformation. For its first 50 years, Cumberland was owned by the Epstein family and, later, by Ozzie Krug (whose daughters, Sue and Ivy, are still Cumberland sales representatives). Demonstrating the strength of their design sensibilities, pieces of the Classic Metals Collection launched in that first decade are still in production today.

In 1984, the company was purchased by Irving M. Rosen, who, with his brother, Irving, had led the Pace Collection, makers of high-end contemporary furniture. He expanded the Cumberland offering with European designs for contemporary furniture.

Connecting with Craftsmanship

At the time of Rosen’s death, Cumberland Furniture had established a strong relationship with Gilmore, Inc., which was making many of the Cumberland products. Gilmore was (and still is) a skilled OEM resource for many furniture manufacturers. The company is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which became, through a convergence of hardwoods, transportation by water and rail, and skilled immigrant craftspeople, something of a mecca for furniture production in the nineteenth century.

Confident in the craft and attention to detail his team could offer, Scott F. Gilmore led Gilmore, Inc., in purchasing Cumberland Furniture in 1998. The company headquarters relocated from Long Island, New York, to Grand Rapids, where much of the world’s finest furniture is still produced.

Cumberland Furniture makes beautifully designed modern American classics with honest, high-quality materials and uncompromising craftsmanship. Our collection includes timeless designs from half a century ago, as well as what we intend to see as tomorrow’s classics.

Partner to the Design Community

Over the last few decades, we’ve curated our legacy collection, restyling some lines for contemporary needs and reintroducing others as designed a half-century ago. We’ve collaborated with more than a dozen architects and interior and industrial designers to expand our legacy with distinctive products that excel in supporting twenty-first-century technology, work styles, and lifestyles.

As important, we’ve continued to build our capability to make custom products. We’re uniquely positioned to modify standard product or even develop completely new designs, using technology, craftsmanship, and the finest materials to meet and surpass expectations. As our customer service makes clear, we love working with designers to make their visions reality.