The oval—an elemental form—receives an imaginative interpretation in the design of Christina tables. In addition to basic ovals, the line includes interlocking shapes created by notching a vertical edge on a slight angle. The result suggests a spiral while remaining true to the oval form. This versatility along with the range of heights and sizes offers many possibilities for interesting groupings.


Side and coffee tables are available in maple, ash and walnut veneers. Also available with Option A Exotic Woods. These tables are designed to be used free-standing and/or in groupings that create unique clusters. Different heights and shapes with tapers and reverse feature offsets which invite fitting the tables together in interesting groupings. When used free-standing, the offset with its angled slice enlivens the design. Catalyzed lacquer finish in all Cumberland finishes. An optional 1.25” Stone tops or 0.5” solid surface top is also available.

The offset on these tables allows two of them to be nestled together and to touch at the top of offset. All of the tables with the offsets, will nestle with themselves and with all the other tables, the only exception is the 3457 and 3458, which nestles with all other tables, but not with themselves. These can nestle with themselves but they will have a gap between the offsets at the top. The reverse tapered tables 3460 and 3461 were specifically created by the designer to work together with the 3457 and 3458.