Highly Refined, Uniquely Faceted

A collaboration between David Ritch and Mark Saffell at 5d Studio led to the Clover Collection. “We always use the word ‘we,’” Ritch explains. “By the end it’s so intertwined, we don’t know who did what. If we always agreed, there’d be no reason to be partners.” Saffell confirms, “When it works, you move faster and you end up with a better design.”

In the case of the Clover Collection, the better design is the refinement of all details, from the bases to the uniquely faceted upholstery. Both Ritch and Saffel are please with the continuity of the collection, from seating to occasional tables, while every piece also stands on its own. “It can be a thread that continues through the space and holds it together,” Saffell says; “Sometimes in a large collection,” Ritch adds, “it looks forced. But in Clover, all the designs are expressed in a very simple and easy fashion.”