Tailored Products

Interior designers express their creativity in the spaces they create for their clients. When the furnishings they need to make these statements don’t exist, custom is called for. That’s why Cumberland has always focused resources on modifying standard products and, if necessary, developing completely unique designs.

While others offer custom, the Cumberland capability is unique for two reasons. First is our vast experience. Few requests are new to us. We’ve been designing, engineering, and making custom products for decades, and not just for our customers. We are the behind-the-scenes custom capability for several other manufacturers.

Second is our unwavering dedication to doing it right. Our custom products receive the same attention to detail and reflect the same legacy of quality as our standard offering. We use technology and craftsmanship to ensure our custom products perform to our criteria and exceed the client’s expectations.

For more about our custom capabilities, please call 800.401.7877.